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Nigel - the businessman

Nigel worked with the Hidria Corporation, in Slovenia, for five years as Vice President - Business Development where he was involved in acquisitions, start-up activities, post-acquisition integration, establishing/divesting/advising joint ventures, strategic development and creating a common set of values across the Corporation.

Before coming to Slovenia Nigel was European Business Development Manager for Ametek Inc. (a US quoted (NYSE) corporation with revenues in excess of $ 1 billion), and Financial Controller for the Ametek operations in Italy.

Prior to entering industry, Nigel worked for Ernst & Young in Milan, Italy, where he specialized in advising international clients on acquisitions.

Nigel now offers his professional and self-development experience through Coaching.

Nigel - the Coach

From his own experience and his coaching and self-development work Nigel has noticed three important areas of work:-

- taking control of one's life - setting goals and taking responsibilty for your beliefs (which create your experience). The Avatar materials offer amazing tools for managing beliefs, creating the life you want and exploring the very nature of your being;
- handling the emotions. One doctor has estimated that unresolved emotional issues cause 85% of all illnesses, not too mention fears, phobia's, emotional trauma and distress, or "just" self-consciousness and low self-esteem. Gary Craig developed an extraordinary effective way of getting to the source of emotional issues;
- getting the money sorted out. We have all kinds of beliefs about money that affect how we live. I am grateful to Robert Kiyosaki who gave me, an accountant of 30 years, a new perspective on becoming the person I want to be financially.

Nigel - the spiritual being

After growing up in England, and creating for himself an emotional and material void, Nigel decided to do something for himself. He entered the world of Osho, experimenting with meditation and with workshops.

When the opportunity to go to satsang with a living realizer, Mikaire, presented itself, the invitation was irresistible. When he found the Avatar materials, he could not get enough. The way had become clear.

Nigel together with his partner, Mojca, attended satsang with Mikaire. During the same time they went through the Avatar courses. They were told by Mikaire to stop sitting in the audience, and go up to the front - to teach. Since that time they have been holding self-development workshops for individuals.

Nigel - the writer

Nigel turned his attention to his life issues in his forties. He dived into the spiritual swimming pool with his Indian Master; but he was then faced with the dilemma of reconciling his work "in the world" with the truth found at meditation retreats and spiritual/consciousness workshops. The book, Living in Company - reflections on life in the corporate world, is the result of bringing those two "worlds" together.

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