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About the book

About the book

Living in Company is a book designed for reflection – self-inquiry – finding personal answers. The chapters are short and designed to be read one at a time: read and reflect. The book is an invitation to try new perspectives: it is for individuals who want to explore, "There must be more to life" – one's spirituality.

Living in Company explores the duality of values that we apply at work and in the rest of our lives, and looks at dissolving the duality "My Work" and the rest of "My Life".

Living in Company looks at:
- the effect attitudes and beliefs have on our lives;
- the different types of leaders;
- how we feel about change and comfort, and the connection between the two;
- what teams and tourists have in common;
- "Corporate gardening"! ? !
- the real nature of power;
- the operating system that we function with, and the possibilities to modify it; and,
- much more!

The company is seen as an organic entity - a group of individuals working together, so the more the individuals are aligned with their values and goals, and the more they share themselves: then the better the company will perform, and the better place it will be to work/live in.

Living in Company contemplates many topics that are already familiar to those working in the corporate world. The ideas set out are not designed to persuade or convey a new "truth", but rather to stimulate reader reflection – to help listen how it is for you – to provoke the sharing of "how it is for me" – to create more alignment about values.

Living in Company proposes to the leaders of companies that the only real way to have better results than competitors is through having the members of the company contribute more (not working harder – but doing more with less). The more the individual feels at ease with himself, the more he is available to contribute to the company.

The book is intended for individuals interested in: self-help – personal transformation – spirituality.

The book is intended for use in companies for: training - human resources and personnel management - organizational learning – coaching.

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